Production Alley Staff. 

Rodney Lowe

Rodney has been an engineer for more than 30 years. He started his career at AAV in the 80's and in early 1993 Rodney founded Good Audio Sense, one of Australias leading studio networks.


Rodney has been honoured by his peers becoming an Honoury Life Member of the Melbourne Advertising and Design Club for his contribution to audio and advertising throughout the years.

Les Molnar
Les Molnar

Les started his advertising career in 1984 with Flint Webster and has won many awards both as an engineer and producer.  His thorough understanding of the technical aspects of a production benefits his clients extensively.  


Les dislikes website bios and in particular photos but on the plus side, likes candle lit dinners, movies and long walks on the beach.

Jess Leman

Jess is a Sydney girl who moved to Melbourne, bringing with her a car load of books and a collection of ridiculous coats that she could finally make use of.


She previously worked at Sound Reservoir for just over five years, and in that time got to know some great people and experienced the many different sides to audio post production and the advertising industry.


Ben Lowe

Ben is representing the younger generation at Production Alley.  After 2 years of confidence building and being a trainee engineer, Ben is now involved in all things pre-production at Production Alley. Music searches, sound effects layup and dialogue editing are a major part of his day, but he also spends time in the studio mixing and recording with his Dad.  Yes Rodney is his Dad and as Ben so nicely puts it “just maybe the old fella might be able to teach me something useful”.  He loves audio and his enthusiasm will see his career in audio become very sound.

Paul McCosh.jpg
Paul McCosh

Paul McCosh is an award winning Sound Designer and Mixer with more than 18 years of experience working in Post Production Sound Houses and Studios. 


Over the years he has built an impressive sound portfolio of Feature Films, Short Films, Trailers, Television Series, Television Commercials and Documentaries. Paul has also built an impressive career in the electronic music world, composing & producing under the pseudonym "Fractal Glider"