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Rodney Lowe

Founder / Director / Sound Engineer

Rodney has been an engineer for more than 30 years. He started his career at AAV in the 80's and in early 1993 Rodney founded Good Audio Sense, one of Australias leading studio networks.


Rodney has been honoured by his peers becoming an Honoury Life Member of the Melbourne Advertising and Design Club for his contribution to audio and advertising throughout the years.

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Les Molnar

Director / Producer

Working in production since the age of 23, Les first honed his skills as an engineer and switched to producing after a number of years when he realised he can’t sit still in a studio for eight hours a day. Working at studios such as Flint Webster and Good Audio Sense,


Les has won countless awards for his casting and engineering abilities. In his spare time, Les likes riding his bike, quiet candlelit dinners, a few reds and moonlight walks on the beach…alone.

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Ben Lowe

Sound Engineer

Ben is representing the younger generation at Production Alley and after 5 years of heavy duty training as a sound engineer, he is now involved in all things pre-production. Music searches, sound effects layup and dialogue editing are a major part of his day, but he also spends time in the studio mixing and recording with his Dad (Rodney Lowe)


Ben lives and breathes audio and his enthusiasm and ever-evolving experience behind the desk will see his career in audio continue to flourish.

As Ben puts it “just maybe the old fella might be able to teach me something useful” - we look forward to seeing you in studio so you can be the judge of that.

Sally McManus


Sally worked with Rodney and Les at Good Audio Sense for over 10 years as an audio engineer. After having  three children she returned to the industry to focus on production.

Sally has a wealth of knowledge and a love of casting. She is now working  with the team of PA engineers and is available to get the best results for your next project.

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Nir Tsfaty copy.jpg

Nir Tsfaty 


Nir is a singer-songwriter and composer who moved to Melbourne from Israel in 2019.

For the past 15 years, Nir has composed music for award-winning projects in advertising, film, TV, dance and theatre. He is currently recording his fourth studio album, playing shows with his string quartet project, and composing for the screen.

Brandon Koolloos

Sound Engineer

Since graduating from The Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre (2019), Brandon has further expanded his expertise by completing a Diploma of Creative Technology in Audio Engineering (2021). 


Brandon’s approach to his work draws from his experience as a performer and creative. Having already worked on Film and TV, Commercials (Radio & TV) and Music, both as a performer and as an audio engineer, he’s continuously looking for growth in the industry. He thrives in collaboration, is adaptable and is committed to producing nothing short of remarkable quality.

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Sam Harding


Sam is a composer, producer, engineer and performer. He spends most of his time embedded in Melbourne’s music community, operating under the minimal-left field pop duo ‘Mug’, and the garage-rock band, ‘Delivery’.

He co-runs an independent record label, ‘Tiny Town Records’, founded in 2018. 

Sam grew up in a musical environment, helping out with the odd guitar part in his Dad’s studio (Al Harding), at Ultrasound 6. Since then, Sam has worked on many campaigns including brands like Chobani, Golden Circle and Jacob’s Creek. In 2023, Sam’s band Delivery performed at Golden Plains Festival. Soon after, Sam toured the UK/EU with Delivery. 

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